About Me
Taking a love of puzzles to a whole new level.

My name is Katie Baker, and I'm a machine learning and data engineering consultant. At my heart, I'm a problem solver. I love having a new challenge to work on, and data challenges never disappoint.

I've worked in machine learning for over a decade, and it's only gotten more interesting as technology continues to evolve. My career started in the healthcare industry, where I was writing my own modeling frameworks, from neural networks to bayesian classifiers, in Java. This is where I fell in love with scalable production architectures for data engineering and machine learning. I was able to work with some incredible engineers, who taught me data modeling standards and extensible design patterns. After nearly 6 years, I moved on to explore other industries and solve different problems.

The next company I worked for, I realized that there was a big gap between most machine learning teams and the software teams where they were hoping to deploy their models. My value in this role, and a value that I continue to offer to my clients, was to bridge the gap between the data teams, business teams, and the devOps/software teams who needed to approve and consume from these models. I created an ML Ops process that enabled them to deploy their first ever machine learning model through CAB (Change Advisory Board) and into production.

The next opportunity was one that I could not turn down. The chance to build a machine learning and data engineering team with completely green fields at a startup. Having the chance to think about how problems should be solved, without tech debt, was such a luxury, and one I continue to enjoy when working for my client's that are startups.

After nearly two years in this role, I transitioned into full time consulting. As a consultant, I've been able to continue to support the people and teams that I love working with, while also being able to work on other projects, explore other industries, and, ultimately, solve other problems.

What I'm best at


ML Ops
Hitting road bumps getting your models into production? Bridging the gap between modeling data and its production deployment is so important and I love helping my clients improve their processes to make this seamless. Through CI/CD, automated training, and distributed patterns, I can help make this process painless.
Expecting growth or building new features? Scalable architecture is my passion. I can assist with net new projects, new features, or code refactors. Through extensible design patterns, we can improve speed to market in addition to improving performance.
Backend & Data Engineering
Need extra hands on the keyboard? I love to contribute code for my clients, and am comfortable working in a wide range of languages. My skills are more focused on backend processes and data pipelines, but I do also work on front end applications when the need arises.
Infrastructure & Security
Early phase on a data centered software product? I am happy to help get you started with cloud infrastructure, dev ops, and standards that will support and scale with a growing software team.
Looking for a new model or feedback on an existing one? I am here to help. I have experience working with many modeling approaches in a wide range of industries. I believe domain knowledge is integral to this process, and understanding your business, your data, and your goals is my highest priority.
Looking for a bit of direction? I also offer services as an advisor - this could look like a standing call, ad-hoc meeting, or providing a roadmap for you to meet your goals.
Want help getting more out of your data?
I'd love to help you incorporate best data practices into your business and help you meet your data goals!
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